Stuart George

About Worcester Sauce


SDG at the Young Wine Writer of the Year Award Ceremony, July 2003

My name is Stuart George. I was born in Worcestershire, in the centre of England, on FA Cup Final day 1974 (Liverpool 3–0 Newcastle United).

In 1996, I graduated from the University of Warwick (sent to Coventry…) with an Honours degree in English and European Literature. In need of a job, I became a van driver for the distinguished Cotswold (and London) wine merchant Haynes Hanson & Clark. I spent five years there, completing all the WSET exams up to Diploma level (which I completed in one year). One week after 9/11, I left the Cotswolds to work the vintage in Friuli, north-east Italy. The food was good and the girls were pretty, so I did a six-month stint there as a cellar rat before spending another six months backpacking around the wine (and beer) regions of Europe.

Travel became a passion, so I returned to the UK for a year or so to earn money to fund more travels. Bored senseless by my job at that time, on a whim I entered the 2003 Young Wine Writer of the Year competition. I won. No other gongs have come my way, alas.

SDG with Graham Gooch and Johnny Wheeler at Lord's, October 2005

That September, I did a brief harvesting stint in Provence before setting off on a six-month Southern Hemisphere trip to the wine regions and cricket grounds of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. I also spent a month in Japan to escape vineyards for while.

After returning to the UK, I was recruited into The World of Fine Wine as its Tastings Editor and Staff Writer. After five enjoyable but topsy-turvy years there, working with Hugh Johnson and others, I left in June 2009.

I always retained freelance status at WFW and wrote for other titles including The Daily Telegraph, FINE, Artists & Illustrators and various websites. I continue to work as a freelancer.

I live in London SW8, ten minutes walk from the Thames and The Oval. I like eating, drinking, cricket (I am one of the youngest-ever MCC members, apparently), football (Aston Villa), rugby, Radio 4, Sigur Rós, Captain Beefheart, Jacques Brel, Nick Drake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, dogs, pubs, trains and my friends.

SDG in Brazil, September 2009

SDG at the XVII Avaliação Nacional de Vinhos, Brazil, September 2009

  1. The MCC tie reflects rather well the colours of an aged red and aged white Burgundy. In case of splashes?

  2. Sigur Rós and Italian girls… Mmh, we could be best friends. Take care.

    • Filip, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

      Thanks for the message – and bonne chance with TONG.


  3. Hey Saucy Stu..
    perhaps you could review some real-ales too.

  4. Go with Beefheart, cricket, Italian girls and a lot of other things actually. I have to pass on soccer I’m afraid. Can I suggest rugby instead?
    I was recently asked why your blog is called Worcester sauce (I hadn’t seen the blog yet). I suggested that this is proably because nobody knows what goes into the stuff, which leaves you plenty of scope for writing about all kinds of things. Now I see I am wrong, at least in part.
    Whetever, I really enjoy reading it and diversity is the spice of life.
    Best wishes
    David Cobbold

  5. There is an article today in the _New York Times_ about “Worcestershire Sauce”. That rings oddly in my ears. Shouldn’t it be “Worcester Sauce”? And does it matter? Thx for your expertise.

  6. […] lunga visita in cilento. Chris Reid redattore dello “Houston Chronicle” e l’inglese Stuart George giornalista per la splendida rivista “The World of Fine Wines“. Una bella serata […]

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