Stuart George

The Book of Jacobson

In Uncategorized on October 22, 2010 at 8:25 am

The unruly haircut you see below belongs to Howard Jacobson, who won the Booker Prize last week.

I was sat behind him before he took the stage to deliver the annual “26 Speech” at the British Library. In the event, he had become hoarse from giving so many interviews this week that instead it was a question and answer format.

Having enjoyed Jacobson’s work, I had booked to attend the lecture  weeks ago. It was pleasing for everybody we could listen to the man who has suddenly become the world’s most famous novelist.

I have read only one of Jacobson’s novels, The Making of Henry, about a man and a dog in St John’s Wood. Its depiction of NW8’s more vulgar residents – the ones with lots of money and strange accents – is hysterically funny.

Jacobson rarely smiles and waves his hands around a lot. He’s a cantankerous old sod but my word he is funny.


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