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Stockwell Flats

In Art and artists on June 6, 2010 at 7:17 pm

At the London International Fine Art Fair on Saturday 6 June, I had a wander to see what was going on and enjoy the opportunity to see artworks that normally are hidden away behind the intimidating doors of Mayfair and St James’s dealers.

I was particularly struck by David Hepher’s Stockwell Flats, which I had not seen before. I have been a Stockwell resident for over five years so anything connected to the area is always of interest to me.

Stockwell Flats (oil on canvas 108 x 76 inches / 274.5 x 193 cm, 1974)

Born in 1935, Hepher continues to be based in South London. Stockwell Flats was the first in a series of paintings of unglamorous high-rise council blocks and was first shown at the “New Work” exhibition, an Arts Council group exhibition held at the Hayward Gallery in November-December 1975.

Doubtless the seven-storey high-rise depicted by Hepher still exists but I don’t recognise it and I can’t see it from my roof terrace, from which I have panoramic views across the local streets towards central London and the City.

But I can see the ghastly Kelvedon House, a vast 20-storey ex-local authority block that I have to visit occasionally because my illiterate postman sometimes delivers something to me that was destined for one of the unlucky souls in Kelvedon.

  1. The painting is of Wayland House in Robsart Street. It looks shiney and new in the painting and rather tired now.

  2. Thanks!

    I nearly bought a flat in Aytoun Place a couple of years ago, just round the corner from Robsart Street.

  3. That is a fantastic painting, Photo Realist I think. Reminds me of the realist paintings by Geoff Routh at Stockwell Studios on Jeffreys Road

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