Stuart George

Fine legs? Ladies’ day at Lord’s

In Cricket on June 6, 2010 at 8:34 am

I spent yesterday’s sweltering afternoon at Lord’s, alternatively watching Middlesex vs. Northamptonshire outside or England vs. Bangladesh on the TV in the Bowlers’ Bar.

Lord’s had decreed that Saturday 5 June was “Ladies’ Day”, in the tradition of the same at The Derby on the previous day. Under- or loudly-dressed young (and not so young) ladies could enter free of charge.

I should not complain about loud-dressing – my egg and bacon tie and claret moleskin trousers combination always gets a few comments.

One gentleman, however, took the Ladies’ Day concept perhaps a bit too literally. He was sat in the Members’ Bar wearing a kilt – a dress, I’d call it.

The legs were not fine but I was assured that the ball swung.

  1. claret moleskin trousers!!!??? dude, we NEED PHOTOS!

    as we say over here in the States, sounds like you’re a “butter and egg” man…

    • How can I disappoint my fans? I’m at Lord’s on Wednesday evening so I will put on my clarets just for you – and try and get a photographic record.


  2. Yeah, I have to agree that this doesn’t really work without visuals.

    Of course, it’s possible that, having seen said photos, my opinion will change…

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