Stuart George

Brown Caps vs. Foxes

In Cricket on May 6, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Foxes are normally only seen at cricket grounds when Leicestershire is playing.

But this afternoon at The Oval, where I managed to sneak in the last hour of play (and a win for Gloucestershire!), the final overs were enlivened by some big hits from Chris Tremlett – and a fox wandering audaciously around the outfield.

The small crowd cheered it on to chase the birds that it could never quite catch – like the Surrey fielders chasing cricket balls, in fact. When it was bored of of trying to eat birds, Fantastic Mr (or Mrs?) Fox decided to have a stroll around the Pavilion, even going up the stairs to the first floor balcony. It was still there when the match ended at 6pm.

I have never seen a fox at a cricket ground before, and certainly not in central London.

But I have seen (Pink) Panthers at Lord’s, Bears at Edgbaston, Eagles at Chelmsford and Sharks in Brighton! English cricket has truly become Animal Farm.

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