Stuart George

A long lunch

In Tastings on August 11, 2009 at 11:01 am

Recently I visited a wine merchant friend at his home in Oxfordshire.

We had a few wines with our lunch of sausages and black pudding…

2006 Le Soula blanc

Unfiltered, so a bit cloudy in appearance. Clean and intense fruit. Grown-up wine. Drink now to 2012+?

Le Soula label2005 Le Soula rouge

“A blunt instrument” when it was very young, according to my host. The acidity is very striking but not sharp. Cherry and garrigues aromas. Drink 2012 to 2020?

2006 Le Soula rouge

Less of the 2005’s striking acidity but, consequently feeling a bit plumper, it seems to have more flesh on the bones. The tannins are more conspicuous than those of 2005. A hint of coffee with aeration, though the garrigues character is still there. Drink 2010 to 2020?

1991 Thierry Allemand Cornas

Very classic. Soft and not at all rustic. Very fine. Burgundian, dare one say it. Drink now.

NV Bruixas Solera

Not quite sure what this is exactly but it comes from Rousillon. Soft, rounded and balanced. Clean and fresh. Lovely.

2004 Quinta do Passadouro

Opened a week beforehand but still fresh. A drier style of Port, more mineral than many of the 2007s that I tasted recently. Nowhere near ready. Drink 2015 to 2025+?

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